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🍃Rosemary in the Shop (Flake Free)

In the shop, we frequently use our rosemary system to combat itchy, dry scalp and control dandruff. 1. Usually we start with the stimulating Spray which is used as a pre shampoo to break up dandruff patches and to exfoliate the scalp, 2. followed by the shampoo and conditioner, white willow bark is a key ingredient to clean and stimulate the scalp,3. next Our Mint Scalp Therapy is a soothing blend of natural ingredients that will prevent itching and dryness and promote hair growth.

Did you know we use our Rosemary Styling Foam for 360 Waves ? The fast drying superior wave foam has agave nectar as a key ingredient, it draws moisture into the hair and gives the hair immense shine. Leaving you shining and the waves spinning.

🔑 Growing Healthy Hair is Rosemary's Specialty! A must have in your Product Arsenal

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