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💈Bushcutz Grooming Promoting Healthy Haircut Sessions ✅

▪️1st we like to start with a Deep Cleansing Shampoo to Remove all impurities and buildup

▪️ Next we used Honey Almond Shampoo to Detangle and add shine, this shampoo gently cleans and will not strip the hair of it’s natural oils.

▪️ Honey Almond Conditioner is then used to soften the hair, prevent split ends and replenish the hair with moisture.

💈A Clean Skin Taper Haircut Session 💈

⭐️Haircut Finished With:

▪️ 🥥 Coconut Milk Leave-in ➖ Curls

▪️ Firm Holding Spray ➖ Hold

▪️S3 Spray ➖ Shine

Visit us and our Talented Staff we will guide you in helping you select the right products for your hair care

➡️All products used here and more like this can be purchased @ (link in bio) or at our va beach location

Order Online and have them shipped 💨 to your door 🚪or pick up @ our VA Beach location 📍

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